2011 Cycle Tour Packing List

A few people have asked what the packing list is for the tour. Other than a small number of luxury items (iPad & Kindle), we tend to pack as light as we dare (which isn’t very daring). All the kit is stored in a pair of Arkel panniers and occasionally in a small bar bag (useful for the camera, wallet and snacks). I use four dry sacks to separate out the loads and make sure that they remain dry.

Daytime Clothes
– Cycling shorts (x2)
– Short sleeve cycling shirts (x2)
– Cycling socks (x2)
– Cycling shoes
– Arm warmers
– Leg warmers / leggings
– Waterproof jacket
– Waterproof over trousers
– Cycling gloves
– Helmet
– Sunglasses

– Soap & bag
– Shaving gel
– Razor
– E45 cream
– Deodorant
– Contact lenses
– Toothbrush
– Toothpaste
– Sudocream
– Suncream

Evening Clothes
– Lightweight cargo trousers
– Boxer shorts (x4)
– Socks (x3)
– T-shirt

– Polo t-shirt
– Lightweight jacket
– Lightweight walking shoes


– Satmap (OS GPS mapping) & charger
– Garmin 705 (shares charger with Satmap device)
– Camera & two batteries
– iPhone & charger
– iPad, camera kit & hard case (charger shared with iPhone)
– Kindle
– Sustrans Maps
– Laminated route cards
– Nuun hydration tables
– Front & rear lights

Tools & Spares
– Bike lock
– Spare folding tyre
– Spare inner tube (x2)
– Tyre levers
– Mini-tool
– Puncture repair kit
– Pump
– Spare gear cable
– Spare spokes (x2)
– Spare chain link
– Electrican’s tape
– Cable ties

There is a little weight saved by using a camera that, with the addition of a spare battery, can last for an entire week without needing a charge. Equally the iPhone and iPad share the same charger. Lets not kid anyone though, the iPad and Kindle, in combination with several stone of latent body fat means that I’m no ultra-light tourer.

A few Q&A’s:

Q: Why take the SatMap & the Garmin device?
A: I use the SatMap device to pre-plot the entire route, broken down into individual days. The device has a large screen and with the additional of full OS 1:50K maps, makes navigating a route a breeze. In combination with full day battery life it makes touring an absolute doddle. The Garmin is used to record speed, cadence and other cycling related statistics.

Q: Why take an iPad and a Kindle?
A: The Kindle is an almost perfect book reading device, no matter how bright the sunshine is whereas the iPad makes for a really good and quite light blog capture and updating tool. You could make do without the Kindle but it’s so light it makes practically no difference to the weight in the panniers.

Q: E45 and Sudocreme?
A: One moisturises the face whilst the other moisturises the nether regions. My tip is to remember which one moisturises which area 🙂 Both creams have been poured into small artists paint pots to reduce the amount taken.

Q: Suncream in the UK?
A: 8 to 10 hours a day in the saddle and even a moderate amount of sunshine can have the face and nose glowing. When combined with the helmet you can end up with some very interesting tan lines.

Q: What items of kit have you not had to use?
A: Other than the waterproof over trousers, gear cable and chain link, we’ve used all the items packed. This includes the cable ties (repairing broken racks), spare tyre (two tyres destroyed in two consecutive days) and electricians tape (for when you’ve run out of tyres).

Q: How much does all this lot weigh?
A: Not a lot but more than you would think. The panniers on their own weigh 2.85kg including rain covers. When fully loaded, the total comes to 12.5kg.